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We can help you solve practical issues in all kinds of areas by conducting practice-oriented research.

This includes customer satisfaction research and research into policy with regard to security issues.

Thesis supervision

We supervise theses in the following fields:

– Management and organization issues,
– Safety and security management,
– (Mental) healthcare,

This supervision applies for MBO and HBO courses.

Physical business security

Organizations are sensitive to burglary. A burglary not only causes physical damage and theft of company assets, but also an organizational hassle with regard to insurance and declarations. A burglary can also cause your company to come to a standstill for a while. All in all, a major risk for your organization.

A burglary causes a lot of trouble. Good business security can make the difference. We can prevent burglary by providing practical advice on physical company security. Think of advanced security systems, fences, fences, locks, and cameras.

Implementation of safety and security

Regardless of the sector in which your organization is located, there are always work-related accidents and risks lurking. Employers are obliged to prevent or minimize these risks.

We can help create safe and healthy working conditions by identifying risks and providing practical, actionable and concrete recommendations that your organization can use immediately. We look at both physical and social safety, at factors that can influence health.

Safety management

Many organizations must have a department established based on legal regulations or customer requirements that ensures compliance with quality assurance, health regulations, safety and environmental standards.

We can help your organization with practical and useful advice based on best practices. Our independent and expert view of security risks can help your organization improve security.

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